Stephen Francis Grande
(born Brian William Andrade)
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EVERY photograph that I have EVER shot myself and EVERY photo that has ever come into my hands is posted to these web pages except for those that I have specifically been asked to remove or not post. Every photo from my childhood photo albums, every photo from the photo albums of my children as well as every photo from my wedding album is posted here.

* The Photos Arrange By Date above link contains the most comprehensize set of photos. I am far far behind in arranging photos into topics, especially the more recent photos. I would suggest that you click on the Photos Arrange By Date above link rather than the Photos Arranged By Topic link at this time.

As you review each web page you will find sets of 320x240 pixel "thumbnail" images (less than 1/10th megapixel). You can click on each of these "thumbnail" images to bring up a higher resolution photo of about 1280x960 pixels. When I began this project, disk space was limited and quite expensive. Thus, even the higher resolution photos are sometimes not even one megapixel. Some photo printing shops will refuse to print copies of photos of such low resolution, though you should have not problem printing these photos on your own home color printer, even photo quality printers.

I have preserved the original full 2, 3 or 4 megapixel resolution of some of the more recent photos that I have shot, especially those of family members and events. Those photos are posted to the web pages at 3 different levels of resolution. To get to the highest level of resolution, click on the 320x240 pixel "thumbnail" image. That will bring up a larger higher resolution image of about 1280x960 pixels which will almost fill your computer screen. Then, click on that image. If a full 2, 3 or 4 megapixel resolution image is available, it will then be brought up on your screen. It might not look any bigger on your screen than the one megapixel image, but the quality will be much higher and it will be much more suitable for photo printing. Full resolution images have not been posted for all photos.

Special Note: Although these web pages do not require a password and are available to the public, they are not that easy to find except to people who have been given the specific address of these web pages. I have provided the web address to family and friends and you are welcome to do the same. It is not likely that many strangers will run across these pages by accident or in random search engine results. There are no links to this page from my top web page at nor from any other web page. Thus most search engine web crawlers will tend to bypass and not index these pages.