TrainWeb Stats Summary:
(per month as of July 2010) 
260,000 unique visitors
323,500 total visitors
1.1 million page views
2.2 million ad impressions
(2 per page)
44,000 unique visitors
55,500 total visitors
120,000 page views
360,000 ad impressions
(3 per page)
4,500 unique visitors
12,500 total visitors
60,000 page views
180,000 ad impressions
(3 per page) (non-rail):
15,135 unique visitors
16,000 total visitors
22,000 page views
66,000 ad impressions
(3 per page)
Totals: Since we get about 3.5 million ad impressions total,
subtracting out the above number of ad impressions means that
all of our other websites combined provide about an additional
400,000 ad impressions per month.
With us serving a total of about 3.5 million ad impressions per month
it seems to me that our maximum revenue would be $17,500 per month
if we can get $5 cpm ($5 for each 1000 ad impressions).
Thus, it seems if we keep our own rate at $5 cpm
and just continue to sell more of our own ad space displacing Google Ads,
then our revenue should slowly creep from $6,000 to $17,500 per month.
As we continue to grow the number of places advertising directly with us,
maybe after we pass $10,000 per month in revenue, then I think we can
consider slowly raising our $5 cpm rate while keeping an eye on its affect
on revenue from our own advertising sales vs. Google Ad income.
Naturally we will continue to pursue all avenues of brining in new visitors
and encouraging all visitors to spend more time on our websites getting
them to explore as many pages as possible generating more page views
and more ad impressions.