Saturday, July 3, 2004
Photos of Jake (Bailey Side Of My Family)

Brooke (Jimmy's son's daughter), Sue Powers (Jake's Grandmother) with Jake in her lap,
and Dillon (Jake's Cousin)

Jake's Christening
at St. Johns The Baptist Church in Peabody, Massachusetts
later that same month, July 2004.

Stephanie with Jake being baptised by Deacon John Martin

Robbie (Jim Brunell's son), Cheri (Robbie's wife), Rich (Jim's son-in-law),
and Jim's daughter, Stephanie, sitting down with Jake

On the drive up to Maine, we stopped and met with my brother Jim Brunelle, his wife Judy, their daughter and her new son, Jake. Later in the week, Jim e-mailed the above photos of his new grandson, Jake, to me.

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