July 5, 2004
Outing To Julian's Restaurant & Mechanics Falls

Left: Stephen F. Grande & Earl F. Bailey, Jr.; Right: Earl F. Bailey, Jr. & Barbara Cepinko

Left: Sandra Greaton & Karen Floor; Right: Karen & Mark Floor

Around The Table Clockwise Starting With Earl F. Bailey, Jr.:
Barbara Cepinko, Sandra Greaton, Karen Floor, Mark Floor, Milly Millent,
Stephen F. Grande (Not Shown)

House where Milly Millent grew up with her foster parents.

House where Norma lived in Mechanics Falls, Maine.

Key To People In Above Photos:
Earl F. Bailey, Jr. - Biological Father of Stephen F. Grande & Sandra Greaton
Stephen F. Grande - Son of Earl F. Bailey, Jr. & Norma Andrade
Barbara Cepinko - Wife of Stephen F. Grande
Sandra Greaton - Daughter of Earl F. Bailey, Jr.
Milly Millent - Daughter of Manny & Norma Andrade
Karen Floor - Daughter of Norma Andrade
Mark Floor - Husband of Karen Floor

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