Friday, July 9, 2004
First Meeting With My Brother Carl Andrade and His Wife, Tina
At Karen's House In Standish, Maine

Norma's Children: Carl Andrade, Milly Millett, Stephen Grande, Karen Floor

Norma's Children: Stephen Grande, Milly Millett, Karen Floor, Carl Andrade

Stephen Grande & Carl Andrade, coincidentally wearing the same black shirt! (Must be in the genes!)

Guest Apartment above garage at Karen & Mark Floor's House

View from the Upstairs Guest Apartment Deck

"Standish House Of Pizza" Where We Went For Lunch

At The "Covenant Realty" Office, Mark Floor's Business Near Downtown Standish

Above: A Shop in Standish With Lots Of Birdhouses And Other Country Items

C.M.M.C. Hospital In Lewiston, Maine,
Where We Went To Visit Sandra Greaton And Her Mother In The Evening.

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