Saturday, July 10, 2004

In the morning, we took my Dad to Roy's for breakfast and then went back to visit for a little while with him in his room at D'Youville. The front entrance of the nursing home can be seen from his new room.

My brother Jimmy's house in Peabody, Massachusetts. His home and neighborhood are just like where I grew up and lived in Massachusetts from when I was born in 1951 until I moved to California at the end of 1979. The afternoon at his house brought up fond memories of living in Massachusetts.

Enjoying ourselves at the BBQ outdoors at Jimmy's house with his family. We moved to the tables in the garage for a little shade.

Left Photo: Jimmy with his grandchildren: Rob Jr, Brooke & Tat'um
Right Photo Back Row: Leo (Judi's Dad), Stephanie & Jake, Judi, Rich, Jimmy, Cheri & Rob Sr.
Right Photo Front Row: Rob Jr, Tat'um & Brooke

Jimmy and Me.

Waiting for our Jet Blue flight in Boston to take us to Long Beach, California, so we can return home.

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