The Wedding Of
Rosalie Carla to Richard Samuel Herring,
daughter of Carl & Tina Andrade,
and son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Herring,
Saturday, June 18, 2005, 4 pm,
First Parish Conregational Church,
180 York Street, York, Maine

Chartered York Trolleys tranported everyone
to the church from the various hotels.

Bridesmaids: Tina Andrade, Amanda Scanlan,
Carrie Pflugfelder, Nicole Friedman and Jeanine Faine

Tina and Carl Andrade, parents of the bride

Rosalie Andrade & Richard Herring, Exchange of Vows

Rosalie & Richard Herring, Pronouncement of Marriage

Reading by Todd Andrade, Rosalie's Brother, Son of Carl & Tina Andrade

Leaving the church and heading for the reception

Milly and Fred Millet

Mark and Karen Floor, my wife Barbara, and Marjorie

Chartered York Trolleys tranported everyone
from the church to the wedding reception.

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