The Family Comes To Florida
To Visit "Ma" and Celebrate Her 80th Birthday!
(The Actual Date of Ma's Birthday is December 5)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Our hotel room at Comfort Inn in Cocoa Beach, Florida

View from our hotel room balcony

Left: My sister Karen Floor, Me (Steve Grande), My Sister Milly Millet,
and My Sister Marjorie Ruzzo
Right: Milly, Marjorie, Me and Karen

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fred Millet (Milly's Spouse), My Wife Barbara Cepinko, and Milly

Left: The hotel pool and the hotel building where we stayed in the background

Left: Mark & Karen Floor - Right: The surf rolls in

Left: Fred, Mark, Milly, Barbara and Karen
Right: Fred, Karen, Me, Milly and Barbara

Left: My sisters Milly and Karen and Me
Right: Tina Andrade (Carl's Spouse), Milly, Barbara and Mark
at "Courtyard on Grove" Restaurant

Left: Mark and Fred
Right: "Courtyard on Grove" Restaurant

Left: Fred, My Brother Carl Andrade, Barbara and Carl's Wife Tina
Right: Karen, Milly, Mark, Barbara, Carl and Tina sitting down in front

Left: Mark, Karen, Milly, Barbara, Carl, and Tina in front
Right: My Brother Frank Andrade, Barbara, Carl and Tina

Left:Karen, Milly, Fred, Frank and Carl
Right: Mark & Karen, Milly & Fred, and Barbara

My Sister Shelly Tucker, Mark and Karen (This is the first time I met my sister Shelly)

Left: Barbara, Me and Marjorie
Right: Carl and Shelly

Left: Carl, Shelly and her boyfriend, Gary
Right: Assisted Living Home where Ma lives

On the way up to Ma's apartment

Right: Norma Higgins - "Ma"

Left: Ma and Shelly
Right: Fred and Carl

Left: Karen and Shelly
Right: Fred, Marjorie, Tina and Carl

Left: Tina, Carl and Milly
Right: Mark, Karen and Shelly


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