Monday, April 3, 2006
132 Oakland Street, Malden, Massachusetts,
where I (Stephen Grande) grew up living here from 1959 to 1970

Left: Maria, who purchased this property from my parents around 1995
Right: The home of my adoptive parents, Alberta and Edmund Grande, from 1959 to 1995

Left: The panelling my parents installed in the kitchen is still there
Right: My dad's favorite chair and my mothers paintings are still in the house!

Left: More improvements have been added to the attic
Right: No more wallpaper, but the radiator in the front stairs is still there

Left: The main bathroom just as I remember it with pink tile and swans on the shower door
Right: Screen door with our address at the main entrance

36 Magoun Ave, Medford, MA, where Barbara and I lived 1974-1979
until just before we moved to California. When we were living there
they hadn't invented satellite TV yet.

67 Upham St, Malden, MA, where I lived from 8 days to 8 years old
This is where my adoptive father, Edmund Grande, grew up as a child
It was not "One Way" when I was living there.
There were more horses than cars when my father was a child.
I could never figure out why there was a single family home on our street
with a 12 car garage. Later I found out that it used to be a horse stable
that was converted to a car garage rented out to others on the street that
didn't have garages for their cars.

Photos of the area near North Station in Boston, Massachusetts
The elevated Green Line street cars used to run above this street
to Science Park (Boston Science Museum) and Leechmere (Leechmere Sales).
I hardly recognized the area after the elevated tracks were torn down.

Getting ready to take the Amtrak Downeaster back to Portland, Maine!

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