Wednesday, April 5, 2006

My Dad's grave. He died on October 6, 2005, after I had known him for only 2 years.

Left: The grave of my Dad's wife who died on March 14, 2003,
just a few months before I found my birth father.
Right: The graves are in Section C of the Maine Veterans Cemetary

Chapel and Flags at my Dad's Veteran Cemetary in Maine

Maine State Capital Building and History Museum

My sister, Gladys, and her daughter, Ashley, at the Maine Museum

Above: Several Photos From The Maine History Museum in Augusta

Above: Janelle's Restaurant, a favorite of my Dad's.
Everyone seems to keep calling it Julian's, which is actually a different restaurant
in Grey, Maine, and led to a lot of confusion

Left: Me and my sister, Gladys, at her home in Litchfield, Maine
Right: Me and my niece, Ashley, daughter of Gladys

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