A Trip To Massachusetts For
Salvatore Prestia's (Sully's) Memorial Services
My Cousin, Nephew of Alberta Grande
Monday & Tuesday, July 17 & 18, 2006

Above: Dello Russo Funeral Home where the wake was held

Above: Barber Shop where he used to cup my hair, sold to another owner about 16 years ago

DiPietro's where Barbara and I used to buy large cheese pizzas for $1 until 1979
when we moved to California! Still in business, but no longer a bakery.

Above: Logan Airport Embassy Suites Restaurant Lounge Area

Left: Barbara - Right: Me

Jim & Judy Brunelle (my brother & his wife), Barbara, Richard Cardoza (my cousin "Uncle Richard)
After the service, we went to visit Richard and his wife in their home in Lynn. Richard's home is
is only a few miles from my brother Jim's home in Peabody, so we all went out and had dinner at
the Family Fare Restaurant in Peabody.

Jim, Me, Judy & Barbara

Me and Richard Cardoza

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