Family Get Together
At Carl & Tina's in Nashua, New Hampshire
Sunday, October 1, 2006

A Few Photos Taken At Our Hotel,
The Embassy Suites At The Portland Airport,
Before We Headed Out On The Road

Above: Living Room of our Two Bedroom Suite at Portland Airport Embassy Suites

Taking a quick break in New Hampshire on the drive from
Portland, ME to Carl & Tina's in Nashua, NH

Stephen, Carl, Mark (Karen's Husband) and Karen in front

Left: Fred (Milly's Husband), Mark (Karen's Husband), Irving & Shirley (Stephen's In-Laws)
Right: Barbara (Stephen's Wife)

Left: Irving & Shirley (Barbara's Parents)
Right: Vikki & Shelli

Tine & Carl

Left: Stephen & Vikki - Right: Stephen & Karen

Left: Shelli & Stephen - Right: Shirley (Barbara's Mom) & Barbara (Stephen's Wife)

Left: Barbara, Stephen, Shirley, Irving, Milly, Fred, Mark, Karen, Tina (hidden) & Carl
Right: Milly, Fred, Mark & Karen

Vikki, Milly, Carl (in back), Shelli (in front) Frank, Stephen & Karen

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