Day 6
Thursday, Jan 18, 2018
Puerto Quetzal and Antigua, Guatemala

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Glass elevators in the Atrium Lobby Bar.

In our private tour van driving from Puerto Quetzal to UNESCO World Heritage listed Antigua, Guatemala.

Left: A rock hill that looks like a face, Right: Volcano near Antigua, Guatemala.

Colorful "Chicken Buses", the public transportation in Antigua.

Familiar things: a Dunkin' Donuts (left), Taco Bell (center) and a GNC (right)!

A lot of motorcycles in this city!

The streets of Antigua, Guatemala.

Ruins from the earthquake of 1773 in Antigua, Guatemala.

A restored arch over the street.

A brief stop for lunch and some fine Guatemalan dark coffee.

Fountain: The Mermaids of Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Cathedral

The buildings on each side of The Plaza Central Park, Antigua, Guatemala.

The Jade Museum in Antigua, Guatemala.

The Carnival Wine Package didn't look that appealing to us, not even the Premium Wine Package.

Some of the wines available to purchase in the dining room.

A midnight display of sweets just for this one particular night.

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