Day 11
Sunday, Jan 23, 2018
Cartagena, Columbia

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Cartagena Skyline as seen from our cabin balcony on the Carnival Miracle.

Live birds at the port.

Jokingly I had said the only thing I want to do in Columbia is get a great cup of coffee from Juan Valdez.
I was shocked to see that there actually exists a Juan Valdez Coffee Shop and it was right there at the port!
Later I found out that it is a chain of coffee shops in Columbia and saw some of their other locations on our tour of the city.

A tour of the city in our private tour van.

The Emerald Museum and Shop.

More touring of the city in our private tour van.

A towel lobster.

The wine we had at dinner and the wine selection at many of the bars in the ship.

A great singer and guitar player in the Atrium Bar this evening.

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