Day 13
Thursday, Jan 25, 2018
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Our tender ride from the Carnival Miracle to shore.

A drive along Seven Mile Beach in our private tour van on Grand Cayman Island.

The town of Hell on Grand Cayman Island.

Cayman Rum Cake Shop.

A restaurant next to the Cayman Rum Cake Shop and across from the sea turtle attraction.

The sea turtle attraction.

Large iguanas were underfoot everywhere at the sea turtle attraction.

Barbara really gets into it wading in and holding up a baby sea turtle!

Tour of the Cayman Spirits Company distillery where Seven Fathoms and other rum is made and bottled.
We got to try several free samples of the various flavors of the rum that they produce.

Riding a tender back to the ship.

A towel snail?

There are often several cruise ships visiting Grand Cayman at the same time.

The wines we had at and after dinner.

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