A concept that I thought would be interesting to explore in forum conversation are the specific ways in which corporatism differs from free market capitalism and why it is that so many socialists, communists, left wing liberals and so forth fail to see the difference between the two and wrongly label capitalism as the problem when in reality the current American system hardly resembles anything close to free market capitalism.

I am an avid supporter of a non-centrally planned free competitive market and I believe that if these socialist types went into further investigation they would find that it is actually governmental interference in the free market on behalf of special interests, or corporatism, that creates many of the ills of society. Without the cancerous growing state that big business leaches onto and largely takes over, I don't believe that we would see such monopolistic institutions. Do you think that I am correct in this belief?

This issue could also be worded as Free Market Capitalism vs Monopolist Capitalism, where monopolies are much more easily formed due to excessive taxation and regulation that stifles small business from competing efficiently and fairly with the established too-big-to-fails.

We all know that there are many irrational and misguided capitalist haters in the world who see our current state of affairs as perhaps the end of the free market and capitalism. I can sympathize, because I loath corporatism and I know that they are seeing corporatism and mistaking it for capitalism. I can sympathize with Marxists for wanting to overthrow the capitalist exploiters, because I do think that there is rampant corruption amongst big business. I think though, that it is incredibly important to stress to these misguided multitudes that it is the state where the fault lies and that without the state, it's many bureaucracies and central bank, this wouldn't be happening. It is fascism.

The misled capitalist haters know that Karl Marx described capitalism as being inherently unstable and that over time it would eat away at itself through boom and bust economic cycles and that it would slowly transform into various degrees of socialism before finally giving way to a utopia of communism. What they don't know or understand is that it is the anti free market central bank planning along with slowly creeping in socialistic interferences in the free market that have given rise to our destructive boom bust cycle that is bringing capitalism to its knees. I believe that it can irrefutably be said that Marx was wrong. It is not capitalism that will destroy itself and give way to socialism. It has been increments of socialist interference in capitalism which have eaten away at capitalism from the inside out.

Thoughts? What do you think are some of the key differences between Corporatism and Capitalism? What regulations or tax code cheats and loops do you know of that favor the establishment at the expense of small business and the public at large? Why do you think that the myths of Marx and/or left wing ideas of socialism fail to see the difference between corporatism and capitalism?

Feel free to comment on any and all things Corporatism Vs Capitalism.